stacks abound

you would think being on “vacation” would limit the stacks of our stuff lying around.  not so.  book stacks.  mail stacks. toy stacks.  fabric stacks.  lots of stacks.  
book stack ::
jamie at home by jamie oliver

the prodigal god by tim keller

stone’s fall by iain pears

from beirut to jerusalem by thomas friedman

mail stack ::
what was the likelihood that another “ortiz” family would move into our old miami house?  evidently complete likelihood.  the post office must find it much too exhausting to sort mail by first and last name so poor maria and gustavo should just pack it up and move to north carolina with us.  

toy stack ::
the boys love their tinkertoys.  and they love their bilibo, which is unfortunate for me because i like stacking/piling their train tracks in it.  they like dumping it.   

fabric stack ::
trips to wilmington and local shops and gift certificates are growing my fabric stack.  but not much sewing is being done.  the mail stack and book stack often find their way to the sewing table and stacks don’t make for easy sewing.


One thought on “stacks abound

  1. i appreciate jamie (i think we’ve discussed this before?). unfortunatelyt, i haven’t had a chance to peruse AT HOME. which ideas/recipes seem especially good?

    hey, now that you have satellite/cable (!), you might find his show on bbc america…truly good stuff.

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