he loves me

omar got back from a quick trip to miami yesterday and pulled these babies out of his bag.  lychees.  love them.  and they make me miss miami.

there is a bit of missing miami going on around here.  the other night omar was flipping through the channels and landed on cops: miami.  he actually lingered on it for a moment.  just yesterday i actually thought it would be a good thing to get caught up with the shows csi: miami and burn notice (filmed in miami).  but then i realized i might as well just watch travel shows about miami and not get addicted to yet another series.

omar was also impressed with my library music selection – a putumayo puerto rico cd.  the boys have been bopping around to bembe de plena and pa’ mantener tradicion like the little latin boys they indeed are. 


6 thoughts on “he loves me

  1. ah, that bittersweet-ness that is nostalgia…hope you enjoy the lychees and cheer yourselves up with more porch roasts! maybe some mango ice cream making in the near future…(just an idea!).

    good thinking on the tv shows, especially burn notice. there IS something that’s addictive about that show! 🙂

  2. Ahh, yes, the missing Miami when at one point you couldn’t wait to get out of Miami stage. I remember it well. When we first moved over here we would be so excited if we would catch an episode of Animal Cops: Miami (which, may I say, is much more respectable than Cops: Miami!!). We’d be so excited if we saw a place we recognized or, better yet, Todd Hardwick wrestling with an alligator!

    Love the mental picture of your boys dancing around to the Latin beat!

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