kitchen clicks

my mom’s spice cabinet is the source of some friendly familial joking.  but yesterday she bestowed upon me the title of “ridder of all expired spices.”  i jumped at the chance to organize and use the spice websites’ “fresh tester” programs – enter the code from your spice jar into the appropriate field and voila, the date that your spice was packaged pops up.  that pumpkin pie spice? 1982. evidently it made the moves with us to italy, florida, alaska, and north carolina.  perhaps we should save it for nostalgia’s sake. the chervil?  the company that produced those glass jars of spices was sold years ago and now you can find those bottles on ebay. 

the spice islands site also has cool video showing their artists making “spice art” that perhaps you’ve seen in some print ads.  the “curry heat” one is my favorite.

we’re also working on clearing out the ice cream stash.  we introduced my mom to haagen-dazs’ new line of ice creams and the coffee ice cream has now been a staple around here.  the two best flavors are ginger and passion fruit. unfortunately, north carolina supermarkets must think there isn’t a market for ginger ice cream eaters.  such a shame.  perhaps i can add “stocks ginger ice cream” to the pro “move back to florida” list.


8 thoughts on “kitchen clicks

  1. I’m sure my mom must have some of those same bottles in her cabinet. We too have that running joke in our family. In fact, not too long ago she found a bottle she bought before my brother was born. He just turned 38! They should have a contest. Anyway, I need to call you. Yes, I am an airhead…

  2. The spice comments make me laugh! I remember discovering that some of my aunt’s spices were from when she got married! How could a Home Ec major do such a thing!

  3. Well, I do believe your mom has my mom beat! I went through her spices last year and found some paprika that had apparently moved from Tucson (in 1985) , to California, to Florida and back to Tucson. It was black! Ick!

    We won’t even discuss what I found in her refrigerator…

  4. I love your photo, and the chervil bottle. Thanks for the spice tester sites – I SO need those! And oh, my sweet Lord, I cannot wait to try that ginger ice cream…

  5. this is very funny. just think of the scenery these guys have seen: tundra, grottos, palm trees… 🙂

    on the other extreme, have you all ever heard that we are supposed to change our spices out about every three months or so? if we did that we would have a line in our budgets called “spices.”

    and after we’re done changing our spices every 90 days (!), check out these other tips. my favorite is the monthly lampshade turning:

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