blurred perfection

this afternoon we raided the fridge and the pantry and came up with monday’s menu:  beet risotto, bread, and chocolate cake from molly wizenberg’s a homemade life.  holy cow, it’s good.   

and that cake needed to be good.  when we started out this afternoon i thought, hey, this will be good!  we’ve got some extra time on our hands (ahem, understatement) so we should spend good quality family time in the kitchen honing our cooking and baking skills and just enjoy each other.  2.5 hours later flour was scattered, beet shreds were turning up in odd places, the kitchen sink was piled so it looked like we could hike up it, and two little boys were weaving around us – sometimes laughing and giggling, often times crying, testing us, and driving me nuts.  chocolate cake helped temper the exhaustion.

ixnay on my desire for there to be a weekly ortiz risotto night, for the time being. it was all good.  really good.  but my sanity might go on hiatus if we try to continue to hone 2.5 hour family meals.  


2 thoughts on “blurred perfection

  1. Ha! This cracks me up and sounds like my house. A cozy evening of family cooking is not always all it’s cracked up to be. I think our kids will remember these evenings fondly, though. Even if they spend a lot of the actual time whining! Cooking together tries the patience but is such a bonding activity.

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