berry berry

i highly recommend that you run out and get some cute boys to go berry picking, some berries, and some mascarpone cheese so you can make this.


6 thoughts on “berry berry

  1. DANG YOU KATE! I was already planning on picking today… and now I HAVE to make that. I mean…marscarpone? Seriously. And you do realize I am a single person. I will be consuming this all by myself. Oh well…

  2. it really is so good. i should have noted in the post that i changed up the recipe a touch. instead of two whole cups of mascarpone cheese (which could get a bit heavy and a bit pricey) i used one cup mascarpone and one cup whipped whipping cream. a bit lighter and so good. someone recommended that in the recipe review and it was a good call.

  3. holy cow that looks good. you’ve finally pushed me over the line between wanting and needing a tart pan.
    I wish I was there eating that with you, plotting further uses for your mom’s overstocked pantry.

  4. Looks great.

    I must say, though, your last picture reminded me of Wilson from Tim Allen’s old show, Home Improvement, as they never showed Wilson’s whole face. Sorry…that’s what Katy and I watch during the week when we are at the gym.

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