two days and counting

i have only been teary-eyed once since we began packing a couple of weeks ago. i thought once we were settled in north carolina it would really hit me that we left miami and then the tears would pour at inconvenient and embarrassing times.

they haven’t.

perhaps it has something to do with the fact that the weather is beyond gorgeous here, the boys are outside running around and playing and giggling for the majority of their waking hours, and omar and i get to cook and bake from my mom’s great pantry stash.

perhaps it is the fact that i am writing this while sitting on a porch swing with wind chimes ringing behind me and some very green bird-filled woods to my left.

perhaps God’s grace and mercy is just really covering us right now and he is letting us be still and enjoy our time here.

this is not to say there isn’t any sadness. it took a couple of grocery stores to find some coconut milk (not such a problem in miami) and when i did find it, i thought it was humorous (and truthfully, a bit bothersome) that it was located in the “MEXICAN” section. come on north carolina people, let’s try using “LATIN” or some other culturally appropriate title when labeling foods of a rather diverse people group. the ortiz in me will thank you. all that to say that is was a bit sad to know even grocery shopping reminds me of where we are not living any longer.

but my coconut milk search sadness quickly dissipated when i remembered i was going strawberry picking in a few hours.  and then i remembered the local farmer’s market opened for the season a couple of weeks ago.  and then i started scheming about how we could start a garden here.  not so sad for now.


3 thoughts on “two days and counting

  1. yeah, asian section? and we have the “hispanic” section here and boy it’s HUGE. there is actually on grocery store that is almost all hispanic food and apparently it kicks booty for selection of very hard-to-find types of tortillas. i mean, where else can you find bins and bins of various chili peppers? well, burlington, wa, of course! 🙂

    looks like you are settling in. kate, did you put your hand on the window to feel the cool when you hit somewhere in north georgia or s. carolina?


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