last off the walls:  celebratory goodbye gifts from friends.  fear not, the bottles did not go into storage.

last michael’s genuine food and drink run:

last miami neighborhood stroll:



5 thoughts on “lasts

  1. So sad! It’s so funny to me that I read these posts and feel genuine sadness. I’ve never even met you! But I guess the feeling of moving and change is universal…so seeing your move and your change reminds me of pieces of my own story that were sad and anxious. I really hope that you end up shocked by how smoothly this transition goes. Best of luck!

  2. Wow…sounds like there is a lot of uncertainty in your life right now. I can relate…not to the moving but to the church searching. It’s so hard to remember that churches are made up of imperfect people. I hope you guys find a new place soon.

  3. do i see wine AND beer on the table? now that is one DANG good meal!

    wishing you well and trusting with you that god’s got somethin’ good…

    we should compare stories when you have two secs…


  4. hey, just read the link: culture shock and found it interesting and a bit ironic. the endless chatter about conservatism and its ills (perceived and real) is merely a repeat of the post-clinton years, just focused on the other side of the aisle. in that regard, we just keep recycling the patterns, if not the content, of the conversation.

    i found two things of particular note, since they relate to my personal experience of late. i’m currently reading Goldberg’s Liberal Fascism, and whatever issues the guys had with jonah’s talk and university example (it was crazy, etc), the book is very, very interesting. i wish i had read it sooner.

    the second thing pertains to big hollywood. here’s the article’s statement that i found response-worthy:
    Big Hollywood’s mania for ideological categorization stems from the same mind-set—shared even by some of the smarter reform conservatives—that produced the Bush administration’s disastrous loyalty-over-performance hiring practices: the instinct to see everything, from the Sundance Film Festival to NASA’s atmospheric research programs, as just another battleground.

    andrew himself notes that big hollywood was created for conservatives within the industry to “come out of the closet,” a la the recently deceased ron silverman (remember him from later west wing episodes? he was the greasy campaign manager for bartlett’s second term.). anyway, silverman and others write/wrote about issues pertaining to their being conservative working in tinseltown. articles center on the issue of bring patriotism back into vogue in hollywood in the form of new scripts being hocked out there, new ideas kicked around, etc. the entire site is about that. so i didn’t really understand the “cocoon” concept the writers of the article were purporting (it’s like saying that a church is a cocoon for christian doctrine. well, i hope so!). if the purpose statement for the site were to say, give two sides to every cultural issue and then they had horrible lefty writers, well, yeah, that would be lame. and maybe the site is lame in their opinion (not mine) but i think they may not get the point of it?

    andrew became conservative fairly recently and it is not his objective to engage the culture IN THE WAY that the authors are suggesting. although that way would seem good and needed, for sure!

    in reading the article i almost sensed a smugness and cynicism which i adopted in the last year of seminary. we don’t have to be harsh or in your face about our views (unpleasant, cheerless), but i find it all to easy to try to be cool and hip (and use four letter words as the author of the article does) to show just how hypocritical and worthy of john stewart mocking that we all are. well, boy, really? just thoughts.

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