pack it

boxes are everywhere.  children are not, thankfully, thanks to omar’s gracious and wonderful parents who have kept the boys the past couple of nights.

thoughts are everywhere, too.  we still have no true idea where we’ll end up and i’ve swung from one tired emotion of “i don’t care where we go, just let us know where it is!” to my current position of “heck no i won’t take any old job just because it is a paycheck!!” (the latter thought is so strong thanks to my gracious and wonderful parents who have let us know we can stay with them for as long as we need to.)

churches are messy and broken, like everyone and everything, and i think this truth can be magnified when looking for a job as a pastor.  

the excitement and adventure-ness of all of this walked out the door sometime a day or two ago.  but the day is cloudy and rainy,  coffee and tea are flowing, and neko case is belting her heart out (her new album, middle cyclone – quite good), so it’s not too rough around here.


2 thoughts on “pack it

  1. wasn’t this morning beautiful! dark, gloomy, and rainy — a perfect day for packing! only wish it would have stayed that way. i just can’t quite get myself out of these pajamas! anyway, let me know if you need any help packing. ty and i can be there straight away. oh, and don’t forget to take an ice cream break — free cone day at ben & jerry’s – TODAY!

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