that “risotto night” becomes a true weekly ortiz family tradition.  
that all of the boxes littering our house will magically fill themselves up.
that our final csa veggie box tomorrow will not be filled with more kale and summer squash.

at elisha, who emerged from his utter fear of haircuts and now asks if he can have one every few minutes.
at asher, who does a mean meerkat impression.

boys giggle after they’ve gone to bed.
my slowdive channel on pandora and having way too many high school flashbacks. 

that the above mentioned boxes will not fill themselves.
that atlanta is not for us.  
where we will most likely end up… (still a bit hush, hush for now)


5 thoughts on “listing

  1. what a tease! And I have stared at that very page of that cookbook before…that’s about all I can say for my risotto skills. Perhaps I should take some inspiration from your family. Can’t wait to hear what’s up.

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