cinnamon and seersucker

we marked our last miami easter with what have become our traditional easter morning cinnamon rolls.  the recipe is courtesy of orangette and they are darn good.

and now?  omar and i are back in atlanta for more job interviews.  i think omar and i need to walk around with little recorders and just click “play” when yet another person wants our life story, philosophy of ministry, current job situation, and our plans starting april 25.  in fact, perhaps i do need to buy that pen/video camera/recording device i spied in the sky mall magazine yesterday.

we like atlanta and if we can make it here for summer 2009, we will have hit all four seasons consecutively.  i think spring will win out as the favorite.  trees are blooming.  i’m seeing quite a few azaleas.  and the older southern men are already breaking out the seersucker suits.  we also had sweet tea last night.  seersucker, sweet tea, and azaleas?  three things you don’t see much of in miami.

as of this moment, 11 days from moving, we still have no real idea where we will be going.  we have a couple of options (we think…) but the whole uncertainty of it all is wearing us both a bit thin.  

off to more interviewing!


6 thoughts on “cinnamon and seersucker

  1. When I first read your title, I’ll admit I was surprised you might be talking about your two boys in dressed in seersucker. I just couldn’t imagine them being dressed in it nor you doing the dressing of them in it. 🙂 Atlanta sounds wonderful this time of year!

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