i am going to go ahead and cross off “go to the beach” on my miami to-list. stiltsville is a bit lacking in sand but it is smack-dab in the middle of miami’s biscayne bay and quite a bit cooler than just any old beach.  

at one time there were twenty-something houses standing in the ocean. hurricanes have knocked that number down to seven and friends of ours belong to the club that keeps the above house standing.  it kind of reminds me of a treehouse in the water.


4 thoughts on “stiltsville

  1. Georgous! Thanks for the comment on my blog about my abuelita. Isn’t that so funny how similar abuela’s are? I hadn’t even realized until you pointed it out how common those cracker tins and the night gown dresses are. We were in Miami for a short 24 hour trip last week to see my abuela and tia. I thought of calling you, but between my time constraint and your upcoming move I thought we both might be stressed out by the prospect. Hope the moving is going well!

  2. Fun! I’ll be photographing the HMSF tour of Stiltsville and Key Biscayne in a few weeks — can’t wait to see it! Thanks so much for sharing your pictures & experience!

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