pillows of the unemployed

it could be the name of a new pillow company i start. 

with 19 days to go, pillow sewing is still somehow on the top of my to-do lists. escapism, perhaps?  and the entry over in the right side column about finishing all the books i have checked out?  well, i have at least nine 200+ paged books so i’m not sure that is going to happen.

but i did complete another task on my list and it is one that i’m not so sure i’m proud of and one that definitely took me off the “doesn’t watch much tv” list (so a friend told me the other day).  i finished all seven seasons of the west wing in less than three months.  seven. seasons. nary a t-shirt was folded or a batch of bread made or a mundane task completed without cj and donna and josh and toby chatting in the background.  it was good timing.  the bartlet administration needed to come to an end for my sanity and sleep habits.


10 thoughts on “pillows of the unemployed

  1. Are these your anthropologie dish towel pillows? I’d love to see those, in your “free time” of course. And Shep has been trying to convince us for years to get on the West Wing bandwagon and I think I haven’t done it for exactly the reason you describe. Not sure I can be that committed right now, but it sure does sound fun!

  2. Love the pillow! and love the name of your new company. 🙂

    Regarding the WW,
    Here are a few of my favorite scenes:

    (1) when pres bartlett gave Charlie that carving knife. My memory is vague…I think it was a thanksgiving episode or something.

    (2) when they played a trick on Will Bailey to see if he would speak truth to power (i.e., express disagreement to the president.)

    (3) when aimee mann sang “shed a little light” on an episode…introduced me to a great song.

  3. I’ve done the same with too many TV shows — 24, Lost, Six Feet Under, Sopranos, Desperate Housewives (while I was unemployed last year — don’t judge me), plus I own all the seasons of Friends. It’s spoiled me for watching regular TV.

    The pillow is cute. 🙂

  4. that’s funny about west wing! i did’t know you were a fan. i have all seven and would like to sell them (not so into the dem thing these days and the series’ not-so-subtle, this is the party of the high moral road thing), BUT did you know you have to PAY to sell your stuff on amazon.com now. makes sense, but i was bummed!

    the pillows are great. starting a company is a FINE idea. those dudes, as you have noted are pricey in stores and your home-sewn ones are beautiful. me thinks the shoppers in buckhead (ATL) would really like them….hm…

  5. oh, one more thing: when peter and jess returned from oxford they watched the entire last season of alias in one weekend. she said every time she walked out of the room she wanted to karate chop or back kick something! very funny.

  6. So this is what I think… when you get up to NC, we need to take a day to drive to Boone, play with our Nikons, do a day hike, drink some coffee and mull over all the fun fabric in the quilt shop. That’s what I think. 🙂

  7. You sound like me. When I get hooked on something no matter what it is. Nothing else seems to get done. 🙂
    Beautiful colors in the pillow.

  8. brite – they are indeed the towels. with this one i sewed a blue pocket opening onto the back. and i think you should join the “i watched all of west wing in an embarrassing amount of time” club.

    abbie – i think i got a bit teary eyed with the carving knife scene.

    kelli – perhaps i’d be interested in taking those dvds off your hands. and i get what jess meant. at the end of all of this i felt like i needed to go run for a county office.

    melis – game on.

    gina – i just look at it like i’d be doing a disservice to all the ugly throw pillows i’ve collected if i didn’t cover them 😉

  9. maybe you could do a number on MY sundry collection of throw pillows!

    i tried to sell my dvds today but the guy only takes books. books, i tell ya, and no dvds! what, is he trying to promote literacy or something??? 😉

    i don’t even want to think about how much time and money i have spent on those-and other–dvds. a little sickening. but i did think of you a couple of days ago when i went to my local library and checked out dvds to watch! i was pleasantly surprised to see what we have on hand there! and free…!

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