the last weeks

three weeks from yesterday is our pack-out date.  the calendar is full of to-do lists, parties, lunch dates, and dr.’s appointments.  lots of fun and not so fun. kind of like being caught up in a whirlwind.

most days this really is getting more exciting.  “where are you going?” we get asked.  “we have no real idea!” we respond.  it makes us seem adventurous.

we are cherishing the parties and quieter moments we are having with friends. and it’s so good.  while i want to kick myself for not getting to know so many people better, i find comfort that i’m not wanting to run away from the friends we’ve made here. (wink)

last night dear friends showered us with good-bye cupcakes, good-bye hugs, good-bye burgers, and the best good-bye lemonade (with a kick…) i’ve ever had.  

so this week we will be on the hunt for boxes.  on the hunt for more time with friends and loved ones.  and continue the hunt for a job.  



3 thoughts on “the last weeks

  1. How exciting! We’ll be praying for you guys during these weeks. Hope you’re also spending your days finishing up your library books.

  2. been thinking of and praying for you a lot, esp. today, wondering the where-you’re-headeds and how-you’re-hearts-are-doings.

    hey, if you get to starbucks early in the am on a shipping day (you can ask them which day/s a week) they would be DELIGHTED to give you boxes. they have to break them all down and the baristas don’t love that so much, as you can imagine. and plus, it’s a reason to buy yourself a strong coffee, yes?

    p.s. how ’bout that crazy earthquake near rome??? 😦

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