in and around the kitchen

a french press cozy – this is one of those things that i see pictures of and think, “who in the world uses those?”  then while visiting my parents i see them tie a kitchen towel around their french press to keep the leftovers warm.  evidently my parents are those people in this world.  so for my mom’s recent birthday i ventured into the world of french press cozies.  this little exercise in crafting without a pattern has taught me that my basic math skills need a brush up…there is a smaller version of this one waiting to be wrapped around a smaller press.

omar and the boys broke out the smoker yesterday and the smell of barbecued chicken and ribs floated all around our house.

i will miss winter strawberries next year.  i see them as an excuse to make whipped cream.  last night was elisha’s first night in the bunk bed and that was all i needed to declare that a celebration was in order and strawberry shortcake with whipped cream a must.  elisha thought the dessert and the bed were exciting.

sometimes it’s the little things that make me want to grab omar and kiss him.  i walked into the kitchen, saw part of a lemon he had cut up and went to grab my glass to put some lemon in my water.  guess who already put the rest of the lemon in my water?  i then look over his shoulder and what do i see him making? cucumber and yogurt salad with dill.  swoon.


9 thoughts on “in and around the kitchen

  1. The cozy turned out really cute! I love your description of the little moments of love at your house…I can totally relate. It’s the little gestures that mean the most.

  2. I need to make one of those cozies. My coffee is always cold by the second cup and I just pop it in the microwave. This would be much more practical.

    And yours is cute! 🙂

  3. ahem.

    i am a *former* towel-around-the-press person. but then i crocheted a cozy this winter. i like it very much…but i’m thinking your version would be a nice backup. any chance of a few instructions?

    isn’t marriage a beautiful thing? to be known. what a gift.

  4. kelli – what size press do you have…??

    jenni – i honestly think that salad is up there on my list of favorite things to eat.

    tonia – i looked at a few pictures and blog sites but my press and handle are rather large with weird handle placement. here is the “tiny happy” post that i looked at the most:

    and here is an etsy cozy that i also looked at (i also have that fabric and think that it would be perfect for our press…):

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