day filters

yesterday:  i remembered that there was a bag of blood oranges somewhere in the depths of our refrigerator.  the first type of orange juice i remember drinking is blood orange juice.  when we lived in italy i remember going on vacation and serving myself the red juice from a big whirling tank.  the italians make even orange juice something special.

today:  i listened to myself when i spoke to my boys (particularly when they were up to no good) and realized i really want to learn that balance between gentleness, firmness, kindness, and guidance.  i read somewhere that someone thought they sounded like a sunday school teacher when they brought God/scripture into the discussion with their kids.  amen to that.  sometimes it just feels so unnatural and awkward.  i’m working on it.  

tomorrow:  wednesday marks one month until we move.  i think this reality is hitting us more and more each day, and omar and i are realizing more and more how much we are going to miss this beautiful, messy, loud, great city.

5 thoughts on “day filters

  1. At least you are getting your list crossed off, one item at a time. You should be able to do almost all of them before your month is up. (I’m not sure how many books you have checked out. :))

    In the meantime, take lots of pictures and drink in all the memories that you can.

  2. no job news, yet. we like to live on the edge 😉

    we fly up to atlanta in a couple of weeks for more job interviews and such. i’ll keep you posted!

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