on the little ones

on my table 
a book i came across at just the right time.  Before Five in a Row by Jane Claire Lambert.  the toddler years are proving a bit of a mental challenge for me, and i was becoming a bit desperate for some ideas and guidance as to how to spend my days with the boys. i feel strongly about play and not pushing formal learning of colors, letters, numbers, etc. on elisha, yet, but some guided learning is in order, i think.  Before Five in a Row is a small book of lesson plans with one chapter devoted to each of 24 books (examples are Jesse Bear, What Will You Wear?, Blueberries For Sal, and Angus Lost).  you read a specific book with a child multiple times and then the book gives you several simple activity suggestions pertaining to the story.  the description of what the book is and is not is quite appealing to me:

It isn’t a curriculum.  Neither is it an aggressive, academic training regimen designed to turn your pre-schooler into a scholastic super-achiever.  It is a rich treasury of creative ideas designed to help you gently, consistently prepare your children for the life-long adventure of learning.

pertaining to this topic, i’ve also enjoyed robyn’s blog and reading about how she spends creative teaching time with her son.

on my laundry pile
new pjs for elisha.  there are no little girls in this house.  and i think that much money has been saved in regards to clothes because of this.  my one clothing weakness with the boys is pjs, preferably ones with the zippers up the front for the little one.  i think even elisha is quite smitten with his new dino pjs.  

on my frustrated mind
i ventured out with the boys to buy elisha some tinker toys.  guess who couldn’t find tinker toys at target?  or lincoln logs?  but i was confronted with cringe-inducing dolls, noisy toys, and stuffed animals that come with make-up.  


8 thoughts on “on the little ones

  1. Cute chairs! 🙂 And I did FIAR with my siblings for about 5 years and can’t wait to start it with my own kids. Thanks for the reminder about the Before FIAR! And you will find a great house and make it your own, just like I’m sure you’ve done with your last places. But I will keep praying to that end.

  2. kim – thanks for the tip! omar and i stopped by the dadeland target last night and found one lonely little box of tinker toys left. i’ll have to go check out the other places for lincoln logs.

    megan and brite – so glad you guys like fiar! it’s so encouraging hearing what moms/teachers like (and don’t like!) when it comes to teaching resources.

  3. You can’t beat the children’s classics. Even when Trey and Kate were eleven and twelve, they joined the younger boys in wide-eyed delight and merry reminiscence when we rode the swan boats in Boston – straight out of Make Way for Ducklings. Certain books lend themselves easily to greater learning experiences without exaggerated lesson plans, and the experiences truly stay with the children. Besides, if you are asked to read a book countless times, isn’t it easier to say yes if the lessons go beyond even the beautiful pages of the classic? 🙂

  4. I bought lincoln logs at toys r us last Christmas…the one on US1 and 67 ave. Perhaps they would still have some : )

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