oh. my. goodness.  who knew a new camera could change your life and make flowers, aprons, shredded coconut, goofy-toothed babes, and cookies seem beyond amazing?  and the photos below are even with that horrible wash-out wordpress inflicts on my photos.  kind of makes looking into typepad a bit more interesting… (i finally caved to uploading everything through flickr – much better.)







8 thoughts on “new

  1. Yay! You’ll have to tell me what kind of camera you got. We have been talking about getting a new camera for a while now (the one we have currently is, oh, maybe 14-15 years old…kind of hard to believe they made digital cameras then!). After taking townhouse pictures with our camera and comparing them to my mother-in-law’s pictures taken at the same time (with not a fancy camera, just a decent/new one), it is amazing what kind of difference there is!!

  2. sigh. the pictures are lovely… and you have such a good eye. that picture of asher is priceless.

    loved the barbie discussion, btw, and oddly enough had just had the “barbie talk” with jeff the day before. I liked your remarks about teaching our kids how to play with their toys… so true. society tends to forget that it is us that does the parenting– not the toys themselves.

  3. Ooh! What kind of new camera did you get? Such fun. FYI…I had typepad (paid) and thought it was fine, but my new free wordpress blog seems to be just fine, too, and in fact, I like the way and the speed of uploading photos to wordpress better. I don’t notice much difference in the way my photos appear. Just an opinion to throw into the mix!

  4. kristen – i’d love to have a camera chat with you. i feel like i need to pass on my weeks of research to someone who will listen 😉

    jenni – and these are just photos on the automatic setting. i’m quite excited to get into the manual settings.

    abbie – i told omar that i think that picture of asher (which he took) kind of makes him look like a cute gollum. (and omar is sitting here and wants me to pass on that if he had baptized cora she wouldn’t have cried. ha!)

    peaceliving – i got a nikon d60 and love it. omar has even been taking a bunch of pictures and he almost never picked up the camera before. thanks for the input about typepad. i realized that if i uploaded through flickr the quality didn’t change. if i uploaded from iphoto, they turned out off/washed-out. so i’m happy with my free wordpress for now.

  5. little boy has a head like i did when i was his age: beautiful and BALD!!!!!

    (to asher: solidarity, man, solidarity. feel no shame when in 15 years your parents are telling baldy jokes. the girls will think they are completely adorable. promise! 🙂 )

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