the greats


great travels:  we visted the kids’ great grandparents this weekend.  beautiful weather and a quiet getaway.


great escapers:  these boys really spread their little wings this weekend – verbally, socially, physically.


great firsts:  the boys visited the st. petersburg orange blossom.  i think i’ve been going there since i was asher’s age.  best vanilla/orange soft-serve ice cream and orange juice known to man.  


great gifts:  my grandma gave me some of my dad’s blocks from his childhood. love them.


great fabric:  i escaped by myself for a bit and explored the old part of st. petersburg.  i came across fiberologie, a beautiful and creative fabric shop with the warmest and friendliest of owners.  i’ve been eyeing this japanese linen online and was too weak to resist in person.   


8 thoughts on “the greats

  1. Love that fabric. Last summer, I was begging my husband to let me get a scooter, but we knew it wouldn’t be practical for kids and we don’t have a garage. Someday, though — I hope!

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