a few days ago i clicked over to our library’s website and noticed they have a new service – value of library services calculator.  i love these kinds of things.  love. but a little voice in my head that sounds an awful lot like my father’s always creeps up when i’m playing around with such calculators.  it says something like, “well, you know it is not really saving if you don’t take the actual money you would have spent and put it in a real savings account.”  true.  but these calculators are still fun to play with.  and i did indeed deposit 5 dollars into my savings account the other day when i declined a purchase i knew i could do without.  so there, father-voice.

our yearly miami-dade library savings?  $3327.50.  granted my tax dollars fund the library but i know my tax contribution was not that high.  

and for you diaper purchasers – the cloth diaper calculator.

believe it or not there is even a coffee savings calculator.  now this is one that i could actually be convinced to use as a motivator to take the 60 seconds and transfer a couple of bucks over to my savings account.  when i calculated 2 cups of coffee per week at three dollars (and i almost never spend that on coffee) at 2.05% over 10 years – $3800!

so either i have bored you to tears with this post or have motivated you to stop buying books, cloth diaper your babe, and never darken the door of a starbucks again.


4 thoughts on “calculate

  1. I love the idea of libraries…but I have a hard time making the most of them . I’m terrible at inter-library loan and have a hard time browsing with success. So about a year ago I lifted a “no buying books” ban that I put on myself. And I’ve been reading up a storm! Though…the trick now with limited space is how to get rid of the books as I read them. I give away a ton!

    That said, I do use cloth diapers! 😉

  2. I love calculators like that, too! never heard of one about savings due to library use….what a great idea. I would love to know our amount. $$$

    Also, I love your books in the other post. The first one looks really good. About the under 30 generation. I read a book recently called High Tech Heretic–written by a computer programmer who thinks more harm than help comes from all the computers in early childhood education these days. He had some excellent points.

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