the kind and generous


beautiful hand carved giraffes from africa.  care of tim who returned safely from kenya.  a certain little boy loved on them a bit too much so we might need to use tim’s stellar surgical skills soon.

the poetic

We’re going to head out there and scour both river banks on foot.

uncle joey’s first lines on t.v.  

the tasty


101 cookbooks is a great site and her cookbook is beautiful, too.  nicole mentioned one of her cookie recipes and it was sent immediately to the printer with the “bake now” tag.  yum.

the precious (or maddening, depending on the moment)


this kid likes to read.  a lot.  he is known to chase us around the house with book in hand and use it (or try to) masterfully as a weapon on our legs until we cave to his desire to be read to.  elisha likes a good book but would rather be right next to us “helping” with whatever task we are trying to accomplish.  asher?  if it gets a bit too quiet, i often go on the search for him and 9 times out of 10 find him in this corner of the sofa.  the mismatched pjs make it even cuter.


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