not 98 dollars


a few weeks back i found a throw pillow at anthropologie.  i loved it.  then i flipped that price tag over and saw that it was 98 dollars.  ninety. eight. dollars.

i walked over to their kitchen section and i found a dishtowel with a curiously similar color scheme and pattern for a fraction of the price.  enter burgeoning sewing skills and an old pillow from the “sage and purple” color scheme days and voila – new pillow that did not cost 98 dollars.  and their pillow didn’t even have the embroidered butterfly.

anthropologie cracks me up.  i recently got an email titled “frugal never looked so fine” with a subcategory of “pocket pleasers.” evidently their definition of tightening the purse strings is an 80 dollar t-shirt, 40 dollar headband, and 100 dollars for tightened said purse.  

omar really likes it.  and he really likes the idea of me buying up the anthropologie dishtowel supply and selling some of my own 98 dollar pillows.  


12 thoughts on “not 98 dollars

  1. Kate, that’s a cute pillow. Isn’t it great to know how to whip together little things like that? Is the back the same, or did you have to use a different fabric?

  2. I like your pillow better than theirs. And I’m so jealous because I can’t sew. By the way, the Amy Butler apron you had posted way back when was awesome. And I was jealous back then too.

  3. Love it! I wish I could sew. Sigh.
    So far my best and cheapest anthropologie score is a three-peg red coat/purse rack marked from $48 down to $3…I bought all they had, which was five. 🙂

  4. thanks for all the love about the pillow, everyone! perhaps i will start selling them…and don’t worry kathy, they wouldn’t be 98 dollars.

    lindsay – the back is also the towel. it has a couple of other embroidered butterflies, too. the towel was literally the perfect size.

    sandra – other than a friend showing me some of the basics of threading the machine, simple stitches, etc., i taught myself with the amy butler “in stitches” book you had (so detailed it’s almost painful) and the singer sewing 101 book. come over and we can have a pillow sewing day…

  5. Awesome pillow Kate! I’m a bit fan/sucker for pillows. I’ve GOT to get a sewing machine. Oh, and I love that you used a dishtowel idea as fabric — what a great idea. And, yes, you should definitely start selling them — along with all of your other wonderful creations!

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