not hot-lanta


i think omar and i were in atlanta on two of the most beautiful days of the year. not hot.  not cold.

i think abbie’s kids are two of the cutest things this side of the mississippi.  and even cuter when they presented us with two toys to take back to our boys.

i think job hunting isn’t so bad when you meet people who are so genuinely caring and eager to see where God might take us next.

i think it is wonderful when friends are eager to drive 1.5 hours at the drop of an unexpected hat to eat dinner with you.  

i think it is interesting i ordered conch fritters in atlanta.  you’d think i’d branch out from such miami-ish fare.

i think i had the best eggs, biscuit, and cranberry apple butter at the original flying biscuit in candler park.

i think it is interesting that on the flight home the woman next to me elbowed me numerous times, one time swiftly and sharply in my side, and chose not to acknowledge any of it.

i think i can’t wait to go get my boys in a bit.  

i think they will see me pulling them away from abuelo and abuela as some sort of injustice.


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