just what i needed



no heat.

evidently i wasn’t paying attention to the fact that it was actually going to be cold in miami and therefore didn’t think it was important to alert the landlord that our heat stopped working.  

my boys had blue lips this morning.  their little bodies were toasty, though, so i don’t feel like too horrible of a mama.

landlord is alerted.

but in the meantime it is hovering near 50 degrees in our home.  

for reasons we are unsure of, julio the handyman lives in the shed out back.  omar calls from work and tells me to go knock on the shed.  but julio speaks not a lick of english.  if i wasn’t so stinkin’ cold i might have the patience to find a way to act out in a charade-like manner, “our house is freaking cold…fix it!!!” but i don’t.  

i have the idea that perhaps there is a breaker that flipped.  i go to the closet where the breaker panel is located and as i try to open the door i break the handle.  no getting to the breaker panel for the time being.

omar drives around trying to find a space heater and comes up with (and i am reading from the box here) “the world’s smallest heater.”  here’s a shot for some perspective. 


what in the world?

we find julio (he was indeed in the shed).  julio tells us that yes, it is cold in here. he then discovers that the whole unit is broken and rides off to find us a new one.

the end.

i am choosing to find all of this humorous.  in the meantime i am not feeling so bad that i haven’t sent off my brother’s christmas scarf yet.  its fractal-patterned goodness is quite comfy.  dear brother, just think of it as me breaking it in.


11 thoughts on “just what i needed

  1. Wow. I am so sorry!! I HATE the “my baby is freezing” realization.
    We didnt have heat during my pregnancy thanks to the AC man forgetting to connect the heat strips when our unit was replaced. Not fun. I can tell you I really appreciate heat now.

  2. Oh Kate, I hope you have heat today, although I think it is suppose to get up to 70 today. Wish we could hang out today. I am really sick of having a sick family. But I know that this is one kind of lovin you don’t want!! Logan is miserable!! Have a toasty day, I hope!

  3. Oh and LOVE the scarf, you know you have to teach me to knit before you leave! I think that is a good excuse to spend tons of time together!

  4. jenni – it’s a really easy pattern. it would be a great first project.

    joe – birthday present perhaps? i’ll start on it now so i don’t go crazy trying to finish it in short time.

    alina – a friend gave us his heater for a few days. wonderful. 40s outside – not so bad. 40s inside? not fun.

    jen – like i told jenni, it would be a great first project!

  5. Ahem. Nice post.

    Can you just send the darn scarf now? The only place colder than New York is Grand Rapids, MI, where I happen to be at this moment. I need it doubly bad.

    Oh, and thanks.

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