i will miss…


1 – all the windows in this place.  the boys have perches throughout the house.  here’s hoping our next home will have at least half the amount of windows this place does.  

2 – the local bakery.  omar and i spent a couple of hours at chocolate fashion the other day, sans children.  we ate, talked, read, and realized this is the one place in miami that we’ve come to consistently.  we know the people.  we also know many of the customers, most of them by sight if not by name.  there are friendly workers who always ask about the boys.  there is the neat and orderly homeless man who talks quietly to himself.  there is a rather sad young family where the mother always looks put out and sits with her back facing the kiddos.  a french family with two precious little girls.  and even the barbecue university guy.  

3 – our winter csa.  fresh strawberries and baby bok choy in february?  wonderful.


4 thoughts on “i will miss…

  1. oh, sad… I will miss those things for you too. we miss your windows, your boys, and chocolate fashion… but, hey: we have great csa’s in portland, too. (I can’t promise strawberries in the winter, but if you move here, I will try to find some for you. I will.)

  2. I am loving the Florida strawberries in winter, too. I didn’t know they were harvested in winter down here. I have a strawberry sour cream ice cream recipe I need to pull out…perfect for these seasonal berries.

  3. abbie – you can just set up a little greenhouse and grow me some.

    laura – maybe god would like to keep us laughing and indeed move us all to a place where we will once again be .37 miles from each other.

    alina – care to share the recipe??

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