notes to self

1. mousse does wonders for mama-butchered haircuts.  


2. always run over to kiss your boy when he asks for one.  i’m not thinking he’ll be asking for these when he’s 10.


3.  never ever never spray paint worn out playground toys.  it makes them look graffitied and scary.


4. remember this day from the chocolate festival at fairchild tropical gardens.  and especially remember it if we end up living somewhere with frigid januarys.



7 thoughts on “notes to self

  1. Fortunately, the babies still sneak a kiss when noone else is watching…even my 6’2″ baby. 🙂

    Shorts, huh? Tonight it was six degrees and snowing here. Wanna’ come up for some snow-tubing?

  2. Love the family photo…Asher looks just like Omar–I could really see it in this photo! Glad you are making it through the list…how satisfying is it to cross things off a list?!!

    Btw, I started to write you an email last night but was too tired and deleted it. Thanks for your lengthy reply a few weeks ago…it got me thinking! When I get more thoughts together I’ll send you another, pen pal. 🙂

  3. I just want to offer reassurance to you moms of little boys. My guy is almost 12 and he still gives me lots of kisses!! Don’t give up hope!!

    Ah, I miss Fairchild so much. I WISH we had some kind of an oasis like that here. But instead we have beige, brown, tan and taupe everywhere you look. Not exactly inspiring.

  4. ahhh…how sweet! your family is beautiful. (and so are you, my dear!)

    don’t tell…but my baby is almost ten and still sneaks kisses. i don’t blink…don’t want to miss any of them.

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