inaugural mix


the boys and i eat some lentil soup for lunch and then have some cake while watching the inauguration.

every time elisha sees obama he says, “oh, hi papi!”  hmmm.

i try and teach him president obama’s name.  he keeps saying, “oba-mama.”  

from the previous two statements one could gather omar and i are all that matter to him in the world.  at least us and the cake.

when the music starts to play during the inauguration, be it yo-yo ma, aretha, or the united states marine band, asher starts to dance like his life depends on it. my favorite move is the “rub the belly while laughing and turning around” move.  

after actually seeing the united states marine band, i’m going to read the boys rainy morning by daniel pinkwater when they wake up.  it’s a favorite of theirs. ludwig van beethoven, a wildebeest, a coyote, some crows, a small european circus, and the united states marine band all eat corn muffins and drink tea together on a rainy morning.  


5 thoughts on “inaugural mix

  1. you are a much better person that i, girl. my inaugurationl day was far from lentil and oba-mama and dancing like my life depended on it.

    try frustrated and offended and worried.

    sorry to bring out politics on such a lovely post and an even lovelier site.

    blessings and can’t wait to hear how things are ‘progressing’ for you guys…


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