prepositions and cardamom pods


with a mere three months to go, i am not going to let our weekends waste away. my “miami to-do” list is quickly taking shape and a certain bakery is going to be listed on there a few times.

we wake up and rush to chocolate fashion before the saturday crowds descend. during breakfast i notice that elisha uses prepositions.  fascinating.  isn’t it amazing that you don’t even need to sit them down and have a “parts of speech” talk with them?

next up – the coral gables farmer’s market.  we scored some tupelo honey and strawberries.  and the spice/tea tent sucked me in with all of the their shiny bowls full of spice blends and tea blends.  the girls behind the table insisted we smell everything.  and that’s how they did it.  they sucked us in with all those wonderful smells.  i caved and now the kitchen smells like a delicious tropical orchard.  we were a bit alarmed by the price we paid for those little baggies of passion fruit tea and spiced cocoa mix full of star anise and cardamom pods but we justified it all by saying we were just buying them so we could dissect them and proceed to make more of our own.  

remember my confusion over the relatively new appearance of cupcakeries? soon after the farmer’s market we walked by an empty storefront with a little sign that says, “coming soon!  gourmet couture cupcakes!”  i’m always a bit suspect of anything that describes itself as “gourmet” (unless it’s on the cover of a certain magazine i know and love) so you can be sure i talked omar’s ear off about how ridiculous and hilarious and maddening it is that someone would claim to make a cupcake that is both gourmet and couture.  what in the world does that even mean – couture cupcake?  but i bet miamians will eat that stuff up – 10 buck cupcake and all.

and lastly.  i thwarted those anthropologie pillow prices (see note on the right under “finds”) when i realized they had some dishtowels that looked strikingly similar to the fabric on the crazy-priced pillows.  there will be some pillow-crafting happening tomorrow.     


10 thoughts on “prepositions and cardamom pods

  1. Oooh, I cannot wait to see the pillows! Good thinking. And I myself was a bit of a cupcake fanatic about 7-8 months ago. While the love is waning (because of the crazy popularity and trendiness you mentioned) I do think they stand as a great dessert. It is, afterall, a single serving of cake, without the guilt of the rest of the cake sitting there waiting to be nibbled on all day. That’s all I’m saying.

  2. is the new cupcake place on miracle mile? is it called cupcakes nouveau? If so these are the most couture cupcakes i have ever seen and they are delicious! My friend started the business a couple years ago with a friend of hers and unfortunately is a little late in starting a store. They really are fantastic and hope you get to check them out before you leave miami… see some pics at

  3. I’ve been out of town without computer for 5 days. Just checked out your last posts…will keep our eyes open and let you know whatever leads we know of

  4. ps: I am all for expensive cupcakes. I had the most delicious one in my life at a cupcakery in Savannah with Alina. MMM…just thinking about it has me salivating! 🙂

  5. Kate, I’m so thrilled that you guys are moving to Kate, Im so excited that you’ll be arriving in NC just around the same time we do. (Actually, we’ll beat you by about a month.). Maybe we can actually get to know each other in person (although the blog has been mighty fun!). We’ve started our own family blog that I’d love to share with you. See the address above. Give your mom and dad our love! Maggie

  6. Oh dear. I typed the above response on my ipod and I ended up constructing that crazy first sentence. I still don’t have the hang of typing on this thing;)

  7. Three months feels like so little time, doesn’t it? That’s how much I have left being pregnant. I love hearing about Elisha’s speech. I can’t wait to have those moments.

    As a side note, I see Cotton Babies in your list of links. Are you or did you use cloth diapers? (I ask because I think we’re going to try it and I love hearing people’s experiences.)

  8. Can’t wait to see the cupcakes! I’m sure you’ll be in line with the rest of them every now and then, couture cupcakes and all…after all, who can resist a sweet cupcake!

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