we’re out

again2pre move-in july 2008

april 30 will mark our last day in miami. after months involving planning, moving, questioning, and certain things about omar’s job that stand outside of our control, we’re off.

i like to think of it as an adventure. at this moment we have no idea where we’ll end up. and i have to say i’m a bit excited. as i told friends last night, even more excited now that i actually like it here. i’m glad we moved to our new neighborhood a mere six months ago. i’m glad God gave me a content spirit about this place. i’m glad that when we drive away there will be things i miss about it here.  if i were to leave here with an angry heart, i know i would regret it.

omar and i don’t believe there will be any “what ifs…” (what if we had only pursued church planting, what if we had only moved to a new neighborhood – check and check).  we stretched ourselves and pursued several different avenues until God shut the door, and several doors were shut without any real reason we could articulate.  i’ve grown up a lot here. a lot. our marriage has grown. we’ve had kids and as is obvious by our grocery bill, they are growing, too.

i have also been so thankful that we’re leaving here without any heartache. there has been no drama or broken relationships or anger or bitterness. ok, perhaps there is a touch of bitterness that i have to pack up yet again a mere nine months later but i know i’ll survive.

we’ve got a couple of job leads but nothing beyond those first stages of phone calls and resume submissions. we’re north carolina bound in may to stay with some incredibly generous and loving parents. i have to say i’ve been overwhelmed by people’s response to our news. we’ve had prayers, the most encouraging of conversations, and even temporary housing offers by loving friends.

we’re also happy that we still have three months left. three months left to explore the places of the city we’ve never seen. three months to revisit restaurants we’ll miss. three months to make sure i don’t end up having an “i know i’m an idiot for not having done/seen ______ in miami” moment. (i learned this lesson when i lived in florence, italy for a semester and never got around to seeing michelangelo’s david – i know, scold away.)

i’m trying to keep life and our daily rhythms as normal as possible for now, for my sake as well as the boys, but i know these next weeks and months will be full of uncertainty and perhaps a bit of confusion at times. but hopefully they will be full of meaningful dinners with friends, date nights out in this crazy city, and park days in this beautiful weather.

p.s. any job leads/ideas passed our way would be greatly appreciated (wink wink).


15 thoughts on “we’re out

  1. Wow, Kate, wow. To your news, wow. To your perspective, double wow.

    Thanks for sharing both your news and your processing of the same. It will be neat to see how you are led during this time.

    How about St. Louis?

  2. Kate, how exciting and nerve wracking to be starting your new adventure. Hopefully your next stop will have an awesome CSA nearby and be featured in thought-provoking films. 🙂

  3. Wow. Sounds like your family is going through quite a lot of transitions these days. Best of luck in finding the new job and home.

  4. i lol’ed about the david, first of all (i was in florence two days and it was closed and that really got my goat, fyi! 🙂 )

    but, back to the point. thank you mom and dad, maynard. lord, open doors. selfishly, let them be on the west coast.

    and seriously, if you DO have vancouver or seattle leads, you know the way to my door. we have a nice (little) suite made up for people JUST LIKE YOU. 🙂

    more to come…


    ps peter and jessie are seriously considering moving to seattle to work with world vision. so we could have a mini-orlando reunion…i’m just sayin’.

  5. We were in the San Fransisco Bay Area for over three years before I quit trying to escape my “fate.” When I finally became content and learned to love it, it was only a few months before we moved…and though I tried to pack in a ton (the Bay Area has a lot to offer!), I regretted the unexplored aspects of life there that I would have enjoyed. So, from that time on, anywhere we got stationed would be viewed as an adventure in finding what we love about our new home. And you know we must be getting the knack for it, as our love for even Havelock was immeasurable! 🙂

    Please keep us posted, and we’ll keep praying as you get your direction from our Lord.

    Love and peace.

  6. Kate,
    I am so glad that you get to finally share this and not keep secrets. That was always the hardest part for me…the anticipation of sharing. I’ll keep praying, in Home Depot or wherever the mood strikes. Btw, I love the photo.

    Many blessings.

  7. What?!?!?! Oh, no!!!!! I’m so sad! I mean, I know I’m not there anymore, but I looked forward to seeing you and Omar when we came and I looked forward to watching you homeschool (eventually, I know, eventually) because you seem so much smarter than me, and I looked forward to finally playing Settlers of Cataan with you two. We bought it, but I can’t figure it out. See, I told you you were smarter!

  8. Well, my vote is portland, if it must be the west coast. I don’t think it would take you so long to attain contentment here. heh.
    and you should put the beach on your list of things to do. beaches in other places are pretty but often require the use of puffy jackets and scarves, even in the middle of winter.
    I wish we could be there to enjoy the Saying Goodbye, but I’m sure Tim and Laura will fill in for us just fine.
    You have a heck of an attitude about all the craziness, by the way. We are excited to see what God does.

  9. Ummm… I TOLD you God said to move to NC. 😉 Specifically Charlotte. Wow… lots going on in your world. I will be praying for you – if you are like me, being unsettled is a little… unsettling. Come to C-town and we’ll knit over coffee and talk about the days of Buckingham and share recipes. I MISS you Katia. Love ya!!

  10. Wow indeed! And yes, your perspective is very impressive (and inspiring). I shall pray for God to lead y’all to THE best place – to infuse goodness, truth, and beauty. I can’t wait to see where you end up. Any interest in Houston? 🙂

  11. thanks for all the kind words and encouragement, friends!

    and st. louis, portland, seattle, charlotte, and houston all sound great to us. right now we honestly feel open towards looking at any region of the country. i’ll keep you posted.

  12. wow. we got omar’s message but didn’t think it was a sure thing:( can we reserve morning at chocolate fashion on saturday before you leave?

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