on wednesday i was


hoping that i was not allergic to the mango tree in full blossom outside our kitchen.

hearing omar say the following to elisha, “eat your salmon and i’ll let you have a taste of my wine.”  i don’t think i condone this sort of bribery.

thinking i crossed some sort of line when at night i walked by the diaper bag with glass of wine in hand, noticed there was still some cookie (probably touched by several little fingers) in an open baggie, and decided to eat the rest of it with the wine.

realizing that abigail’s post about the merits of notebooking/diary-ing over journaling expresses exactly what i feel about the whole process.  this year i will try to be better about writing thoughts, lists, ideas, plans.  tonia introduced me to the idea of a homemaking notebook/commonplace book last year where quotes, lists, everyday thoughts and plans are collected.  i like the idea of not thinking too much about what i write there.  a place for the mundane, the imaginative, and the practical.

wondering why pandora insisted on playing counting crows on my iron and wine station.  

deciding that several 15+ hour car trips made me realize how desperately i need new music on the ipod.  i resolve to buy one new album each month this year instead of being solely a pandora addict.

overjoyed that design*sponge finally posted a miami city guide.


9 thoughts on “on wednesday i was

  1. I enjoyed the homemaking notebook link.

    I tend to have random scraps of paper all over the place.

    I suspect a cute little notebook would be lots more fun. 🙂

  2. Hey! This is off the topic and a strange place to tell you this but I figure it would be the quickest way to reach you. This is not common knowledge yet (Tim wants to wait till things are a bit more final) but Tim has decided to accept the Wilmington offer. Could you write me in FB or at my e-mail address to discuss this? Later, dude. Our love to your family.

  3. Love the Ikea curtain! I also admit to loving Counting Crows, so I’m not with you on that one! I’m going to check out that link now.

  4. P.S. I’m having fun checking out your favorite blogs. It’s not so hard to find beautiful blogs with a secular viewpoint (and oh, how I love them!) but it’s tough finding blogs that are both christian and high quality. Thank you for the links!

  5. your blog is such a fun read, kate. i really enjoy your writing style. i always come away with a grin.
    (or conviction!)

    i hope you’ll share your homemaking journal some day!

  6. jenni – thus far, no reaction. whew.

    anamarie – i believe pandora should just give everyone the ‘iron and wine’ station automatically.

    peaceliving – my husband likes them, too, so i think he’d be on your side here. glad you are enjoying the links!

    alina – the cd changer kept switching to a xmas cd i still had in there and i kept seeing that poinsettia – i almost went crazy.

    tonia – such kind words. thank you! glad you are grinning. really, the homemaking journal idea is wonderful. perhaps i will share it sometime…

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