best gift


don’t worry.  this will be the last of the christmas/holiday/gift posts.  but as i was unpacking last night i walked by this box and realized this was the best gift i got this year.  and it has a great story behind it.

my parents bought a clothespin christmas ornament kit their first year of marriage over 35 years ago.  they made a few and years later my brother and i would pull out the falling-apart box and our dad helped us make a few more.  our first married christmas together omar and i found the box and made a few more whose parts hadn’t gone missing over the years.

last year i posted a few pictures of them and then began a search for a similar box to buy for myself.  no luck.  i couldn’t find anything quite like the one my parents had.  ebay to the rescue and i found the exact box of ornaments my parents bought years ago.  but i didn’t feel like i should spend that much at the moment. it sold soon after and i kicked myself every time i thought of it for not buying it.  

when my parents came down this past november an early wrapped present was given to me.  guess who bought the ornaments i found on ebay?  the best dad ever.  

so omar and i made him one of the ones i tried to make as a 10 year old and mutilated in the process.  the fireman now hangs on their tree.  we used perhaps the worst glue known to man but i like to think the slight messiness gives it a bit of charm. 


8 thoughts on “best gift

  1. that is awesome. vintage ornaments beat the pants off of the homogenous new ones… glad you guys had a merry christmas, and epiphany, and new year… happy travels back to miami.

  2. What a fantastic story! It doesn’t really surprise me, though, as your folks have repetatively shown themselves to be so thoughtful and generous and, yes, sometimes quite sneaky, too. 😉 Boy, we miss them…

    It sounds like your vacation was great fun for everyone. Glad you are back safe and sound.

  3. abbie – so can i tell my folks that you implied they are vintage, too? 😉

    sheila – seriously, best gift in a long while!

    peaceliving – the most thoughtful and glue-filled, right?

  4. How meaningful!

    We all love the old dried gourds on my parents’ tree which they painted and turned into ornaments for their first Christmas tree together. They were on a tight budget.

    Now, 36 yrs later, the gourds are ugly but precious nevertheless.

  5. “Best dad ever,” “vintage,” “sneaky,” and “super cool.” Man, this has been MY best Christmas ever!

    Thanks for the thoughts, Kate. And Happy New Year to all Kate’s blog buddies.

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