camera clicks:  i show elisha how to use the camera.  his work above captures mama recovering from an eye poke by asher.  one might almost think he planned the angles, timing, and over exposure.  “pretty cool!” he said.

door clicks:  for the past 5 or so nights elisha opens the back door that looks out onto the woods and shouts out, “night night, trees!” then shuts the door.

imagination clicks:  omar pits an olive to give to elisha but doesn’t slice the olive totally in half.  elisha holds up the olive with its barely connected halves and announces, “butterfly!”  then pops it into his mouth.  perhaps he thought it did indeed look like a butterfly but about five seconds later he holds up another olive and says, “baby jesus!” and pops it into his mouth.  there’s got to be a theology lesson there we need to teach him…


3 thoughts on “click

  1. Are these new clothes you’re wearing, or is this just the winter wardrobe that I have never had the occasion to see? : ) Miss you guys!

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