january 1, 2009:

snuck away to barnes and noble with omar and pored over:

various wendell berry books – the unsettling of america:  culture and agriculture,  what are people for?: essays, and sex, economy, freedom & community:  eight essays.    

a really thought-provoking/conversation-inducing christianity today article on the branding and commercialization of western christianity and jesus by tyler wigg stevenson.  stevenson’s book brand jesus:  christianity in a consumerist age is now on my to-read list.

the three-month old daughter of friends.  i even got to give the little pink blanketed babe her bottle.  

got quite cold.  the high was somewhere around 40.  

experienced cold/dry weather induced static for the first time in years.

ate a panettone bread pudding lovingly made by my mom.

was interrupted during bread pudding photo shoot by a coffee wielding dad.



7 thoughts on “static

  1. Have you read Jayber Crow? it’s in my top-five.
    and I have an almost-3-month-old that would LOVE to have you give her a bottle. I’m a little jealous.

  2. kelly – it was a great time and i didn’t even go near the kids’ section.

    jenni – i haven’t read any of his fiction, either, but have loved his essays.

    alina – i’ll have to email you the bread pudding recipe.

    abbie – jayber crow – on the list. perhaps i’ll fly out and give her one.

    kel – i thought about that class you were in the other day. i’m a bit jealous i didn’t take that!

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