cut like a knife and drink the sparkly


one year ago today the little chef above would not have had enough patience or coordination to chop his fruit.  today he even let me know the names of the produce he’d be chopping.


one year ago today this one couldn’t hold his head up quite yet and for sure couldn’t have slid down my leg two seconds after this was taken and run away from me.  as for the hair…maybe next new year’s eve.


and this pic?  a good summary of our lives at the moment.  omar is the still and steady one.  the boys are blurs 80 percent of the time. and i probably make myself a bit blurry too often by being on the move too much.  and the whole picture can be a bit gritty. but gritty is honest, right?  and i hope that if we are anything we are honest.  honest about our successes, failures, faith, and doubts.  

tonight we are quite and still, though.  i told my dad it was fine and good to crack open the bubbly and just call 9:27 pm the beginning of the new year.  2008 was a good year even if it was filled with some hard and confusing lessons.  truthfully, 2009 is filled with more uncertainty than i care to confront at the moment.  but i admit it is exciting uncertainty.  

so to you, 2008, i raise my glass and even though you will try and be tricky and find your way back on my rent check (the only time i think i write out the year by hand anymore) for at least the first three months of the year, i’ll remember you fondly.

3 thoughts on “cut like a knife and drink the sparkly

  1. it is amazing to see how a year can be marked so distinctly by the milestones of our children. it feels as if it moves more quickly than i feel in the day to day. praying for your 2009 – wisdom, patience, peace, rest….. direction. 🙂

  2. g.o.r. – it does move faster than when you look at day to day life. kind of strange, yes? and thanks for the prayers.

    jenni – the play fruit is great. even omar and i have been playing with it a bit. we’re big fans of “plan toys.” happy new year to you, too!

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