fires and cocoa and quiet


this would have been elisha’s preferred way to travel up i-95 to the grandparents. fortunately for us we limited this method to cracker barrel parking lots.

fires have been blazing in the fireplace.

christmas morning was filled with generous and thoughtful gifts, panettone, and lots of playing.


and my sister-in-law and i came up with perhaps the best “dessert for when you’ve already had too much too eat” – ginger almond biscotti with chocolate-y christmas cafe au lait.  we decreased the amount of sugar by just over half in the drink and put it in china teacups so we could at least try and not drink too much.


4 thoughts on “fires and cocoa and quiet

  1. holy cow those jammies are cute. and elisha on the tricycle kills me… I have this picture in my head of him pedaling up the interstate… omar trotting along behind…

  2. Looks like you guys are having a great time!! We miss you guys back here though! Wish I was sitting by a fireplace drinking hot cocoa. We want to have you guys over for dinner when you get back. Let me know what works for you all! Happy New Year!

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