those days before christmas

in the midst of all the crazy that seems to be pouring into our lives at the moment, there has been some definite playing, celebrating, good eating, crafting going on around here.


the csa boxes continue to surprise us and make us feel like we’re in the middle of summer.  the savory tomato tart in once upon a tart?  i highly recommend it.


elisha assumed his favorite cookie helper position on the counter at his abuela’s. truth be told, i think we should call it the “cookie dough taster” position.  asher caught crumbs and was happy.


there has been quite a bit of sewing and knitting and crocheting going on, too. the above apron has already been gifted but perhaps i’ll need to make another one for myself.  who doesn’t need an apron so cute you almost want to wear it out over your jeans?  almost.  the sewing?  enjoying it.  the knitting?  i’m about to take those needles and gouge my eyes out.  one of my projects is a bit on the monotonous side.


and finally, the zoo.  we trekked down to the miami zoo to see the new amazon exhibit.  i think these giraffes were the only animals not sleeping.  the new jaguar and river otters?  snoozing.  elisha kept announcing to everyone, “animals are sleeping…animals night night…”  sorry, kiddo.  

tomorrow morning at an insanely unreasonable hour we are pulling out of here and heading back up to north carolina where i hear a 72 degree christmas day is awaiting me.  a girl can’t catch a break.


6 thoughts on “those days before christmas

  1. Do you have a pattern for the apron? Adorable. Thinking of making some gifts…sewing machine needle is new and ready to go!

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