there and back again


omar and i did the crazy, exhausting, and fun yesterday.  we hopped a plane up to north carolina, met my parents for lunch, and drove my little civic home again. it’s glad to be home, and omar is glad it is now his.

the whirlwind was full of parents, pit stops, talking, singing, new friends, old friends, and lacking in two little boys who opted to stay with grandparents who promised gardens and cookies and probably staying up too late.  

jacksonville, fl marked the halfway point and alina and family were gracious enough to offer us food, bed, and fellowship for the night.  a wonderful time that went by a little too quickly.

the rest of the trip involved listening to podcasts about everything from roasted pears and cookbook collections to whether or not “postmodern” is really a description suited only to a few academic disciplines and that indeed we are still quite modern to how the eastern orthodox (in particular armenian) pay more attention to the sense of smell in life and liturgy.  and then add to that a lengthy discussion about how/why in the world samson got added to the “hall of faith” in hebrews 11.  whew.  

but now we are back.  and it’s quiet here.  perhaps too quiet.  the boys are still at their grandparents.  omar sauteed up a bunch of greens and we ate by 4-candle firelight.  and now to bed.  isn’t it amazing how sitting for hours on end makes one exhausted?


8 thoughts on “there and back again

  1. I love the candle holder and all the candles it holds. Great mood lighting to cap off a whirlwind trip alone. Glad you got to enjoy another night of free babysitting. I’m sure you will enjoy the reunion today!

  2. alina – would you believe our oldest wasn’t too happy about going home?

    abigail – hope you can see here soon, too!

    jenni – it was mars hill. omar and i have been listening through their “audition” monthly podcast. little snippets of a lot of good stuff.

  3. is this to suggest that the red honda van is kate’s and the blue honda accord is going to the seller’s block?? 🙂

    (you know, i did put a good word in with dad maynard a ways back).

  4. kelli – you would be correct. omar’s “the civic is now mine!” excitement can’t be contained.

    and yes, i attribute our good van fortune all to your good words 😉

  5. Well, the van idea was PARTLY mine. I think.

    We’re excited, Kate, that you and your guys will join us in NC tomorrow. Supposed to be down to 19 degrees tonight, up to 71 Christmas Eve. Sorry.

    We’ll keep the fire in the fireplace anyway.

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