she sparkles in the dark


i wore sequins last night.  and i’m not typically a sequin kind of girl but date night at a dark restaurant and in a dark theater requires sequins.

i could have also titled this post “grouper cheeks – take 2.”  i didn’t assume grouper cheeks would become a regular order but the waitress sold me on them when she said they came in a curry sauce with bananas and coconut water.  she told me we ought to get the house fries to soak up all that goodness.  we did.  the other order?  gnudi (pronounced in such a way that makes you giggle), a ricotta-like gnocchi.

next we were off to the theater to see alton brown (of good eats fame) interviewed and do a cooking demonstration.  i can honestly say that omar laughs the most when watching alton brown.  last night was no exception.  my chair was shaking at times because of him trying to stifle his chuckling.  he was funny and was great to watch.  he told the audience to shout out questions as he cooked, and in those situations i can get a little nervous that people will be, um, annoying? but this crowd was clever.   

he was interviewed for the first portion of the night, and a question came up about people caring/not caring about where their food comes from and how it was treated/killed.  i’m paraphrasing a bit here but he noted that a nation that displays its value for human life by trampling a man to death in wal-mart will care little to nothing about the value of the lives of livestock and the way in which we kill what we eat.  well said.

and being in that theater made me wonder why in the world we don’t go there more often.  maybe i’ll buy more sequin-y things and then we’ll have to.


10 thoughts on “she sparkles in the dark

  1. First of all: you eat the most wonderful foods.

    Second of all: we absolutely love Alton as well. I would jump at the chance to see him cook in person. How fun!

    Third of all: sequins! now that’s a REAL date.

  2. You know who’d be the most envious in my clan about seeing Alton Brown? Randy. Yes, he’s turning ten this week and has already decided he wants to be a chef…

    Oh, and sequins are a GREAT idea for dates. And dates are, of course, a must… 😉 Glad you all had fun.

  3. jenni – i like being told i look good in sequins 😉

    nicole – even in his goofy way, so much of what he said was so well said. but his humor makes it less…confrontational?? evidently “fiji” bottled water didn’t know his stance on bottled water or i doubt they’d have sponsored the night. he opens the stage fridge, is confronted by massive amounts of the stuff and then proceeds to good-naturedly throw out every single bottle onto the stage. made a statement but in a humorous way.

    alina – thank you! i’m kind of surprised it turned out!

    kelly – were those “happy anniversary” waffles??

    abbie – i feel like i should post about all the super mundane meals we eat.

    sheila – there were lots of kids there and it was so fun to hear the kids shout out answers to the scientific questions he asked about food.

  4. alton used to really annoy me. i didn’t have a taste for ‘microwave cams” and the sort. but i have loved his recent shows (the road ones).

    i also recall omar DIGGIN’ on him and so i repent to omar: i like alton now. we have one more thing in common (among many).



    ps your night looked fun, from the sequins anyway.

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