on wednesday


i ate pancakes (made by a husband with a day off) in bed  and figured out the rest of my gift-giving list.

i realized i had been wracking my brain for a present for my brother, came up with the idea, began investing quality time and energy into making said gift and then remembered i’d already gotten him something awhile back.  isn’t he the lucky one.

i ordered a salad with lots of olives in it and then sneaky two-year-old hands stole most of them.

i ate roasted butternut squash and more pei tsai from the csa box.

i made a chocolate cake for omar (he was having an off-ish day and doesn’t cake always help?) and while i was opening the foil of the chocolate bar, i realized i always start singing “i’ve got a golden ticket” when i do this.

i sat eating the chocolate cake and drinking wine with omar and just talked for a few hours.  so needed and so good…the cake and the talking.


4 thoughts on “on wednesday

  1. Matt and I will often sing songs from Willy Wonka…it’s full of good ones!

    “Cream buns and doughnuts and fruitcake with no nuts so good you could go nuts…”

  2. meredith – i wish i could give you one but unfortunately, i’ve not had any luck with white bean soups. i keep trying to like a white bean chicken chili recipe but i don’t think that’s happening…

    alina – i’m feeling the need to watch it again. it’s been years.

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