red evening bellies

of the jolly santa variety…


…and of the happy walking asher variety.  omar caught asher’s first true moments walking (not the 4 or 5 steps that end before we could even think of grabbing the camera).  we are quite proud of the chimpanzee-esque quality of his moves and his pivoting abilities.


6 thoughts on “red evening bellies

  1. Look at him go!!

    Get ready, Kate. Two walkers…and soon, two runners and two climbers.

    Those brothers are going to have so much fun together over the years!

  2. I love it! When Trey was 17 1/2 months, he took his first steps – 17 of them in a row (which makes it easy to remember). He had the arm-thing going on, too, but he would stick them over his head with each step…hilarious…

  3. even with the “in the flesh” asher right here, i’ve probably watched this video way too many times. the arms are just too cute!

    jenni – this old house is great. those are built-in china cabinets asher walks by. love them.

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