red afternoon wheels




i guess i’ve unwittingly started a red photo series.  so be it.  and too bad the newly potted poinsettias made their way back into the house before the camera appeared.  but then maybe you would’ve just suspected i dragged them outside to achieve the “3 posts in a row with poinsettias!” award.  


5 thoughts on “red afternoon wheels

  1. I saw the title and thought, “Oh fun, she’s starting a ‘red’ photo series.” Then I red the first line. Fun, fun.

    Oh and I must admit I made the iced pumpkin cookies you linked to recently. They were DELICIOUS! I took them to a party and got so many comments…I thought I would send some of that praise back your way. Thanks for the link!

  2. Very cute pics!! Love them!! What a great front yard to play in! I must admit I am jealous! I am getting that plan toy truck for christmas from my sis, can’t wait!

  3. alina – so glad the cookies turned out. they were a hit here, too.

    jenni – thank you so much!

    abbie – i guess i can’t complain about that aspect of florida, can i?

    jen – seriously wonderful having the yard. and logan will love the truck.

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