red morning mess


i’m embracing the kitchen mess.  it’s not hard when poinsettias are all around you, the house smells like pumpkin biscuits, and it’s cool and rainy outside.

i’m embracing that fact that asher is a more efficient, and less time consuming, vacuum cleaner post-meals.  

i’m also embracing my sewing machine.  i stayed up way too late sewing an apron. if a stranger knocked on my door right now you can be sure i’d show it to the person and make them gush at my seams and pocket.  


5 thoughts on “red morning mess

  1. This is the fact which I have come to accept: if I make any progress on any sort of “project” (like your apron), then the “regular stuff” (dishes, floors, laundry) is sure to suffer.

    C’est la vie! 🙂

    Enjoy your apron.

  2. I am really enjoying and learning from your photography! I love this shot! I love the poinsetta and the coffee cup and the way the biscuits are positioned on the tray. Do you find that you arrange things before taking the shot or do you just spot a cool set up and grab your camera? I am ALWAYS arranging and rearranging before photographing and I’m beginning to feel like all my photos look the same.


  3. abbie – i’m finding that my sleep is definitely suffering when i’m project-ing.

    robyn – why thank you for the kind words! i usually spot something and then grab my camera. most of the arranging is more like removing. there was a big wad of paper towels next to the bowl…i didn’t think that was too pretty 😉

    i can tend to be a neat freak (my husband might say that is putting it mildly) but i’ve noticed that when things get kind of crazy/messy/disordered, there are better pics to be had. i guess i could look at that as an upside…

  4. abbie’s friend here, i have a small weaving business, whenever i’m making rugs, my family is eating bean burritos off paper plates. older moms say it gets easier (but maybe not if you keep having more babies like we do!!)

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