adding to previous thoughts…


above is my one “black friday!!….door-buster!!” deal. 10 poinsettias for 10 bucks. my mental state and stomach weren’t up for much more than that. my desire for a simpler christmas compounded when i heard of the mind-boggling (and frankly, disgusting) event in a new york wal-mart. trampled to death?  rod dreher’s spot-on observance:

Note well that these weren’t starving masses desperate for bread. These were suburban jackasses who wanted TVs and consumer crap.

i came across this quote this morning from richard foster’s freedom of simplicity:

When taken as a whole, the media commercials constitute a world view, a rival religious philosophy about what constitutes blessedness. We are told by television that the most idiotic things will make us insanely happy. They may well make us insane, but it is genuinely doubtful that they will ever make us happy.

The purpose of all this media bombardment is to increase desire. The plan is to change “That’s extravagant” into “That would be nice to have,” and then into “I really need that,” and finally into “I’ve got to have it!”

We are taken in, duped, brainwashed. But it is done in such subtle ways that we do not realize what has happened. We think we are wise because we can easily see through the childish logic of the commercials. But the ad writer never intended us to believe those silly commercials, only to desire the product they advertise. And sure enough we buy, because the commercials accomplish their goal of inflaming our desire. pp 114-115

and then last night i watch a show that touched on child soldiers in africa.  really now.  could my head be messed with anymore?  with prayer (and action) this is kind of exciting, though.  i guess the trick is how to take everything that is coming at me and not crumbling under the weight of it.

fret not, friends and family.  i still believe gifts are a good thing, but perhaps you should grow accustomed to more of the hand-made variety…say, like cute turkey cards?  and lest you think my weekend was only full of gloom, we did get a tree and i made perhaps the best guacamole known to man.


12 thoughts on “adding to previous thoughts…

  1. Thinking on a lot of the same lines lately. I have been struck by how necessity really IS the mother of invention. New parts of the right side of my brain open up as I am forced to think outside the box for gifts. It is quite exciting.

    Oh, and the turkey cards were adorable.

  2. dede – i’ll be sending it your way…perhaps on a turkey card?

    alina – i’d like to hear more of your thoughts on all this.

    abigail – i feel like the whole book has been one good quote!

  3. trampled store workers…sadly, in a greedy, economically shaky, materialistic society, it was only a matter of time.

    still, i share the outrage…truly horrifying and embarrassing at the same time.

    i think of the corinthians verse about resisting conformity to evil world patterns, while actively transforming our minds to god.


  4. That trampled to death story is unbelievable.

    I want to read that simplicity book asap, along with the 5 books I’m reading right now. 🙂

    I think gift-giving is actually great in that gifts symbolize the greatest gift we’ve been given which is of course, Jesus. But I’m all for the handmade (Etsy!) or more meaningful stores such as this fair trade favorite of mine:

    Um, was your guacamole better than Johnny’s Rockamole?! Y’all need to have a little contest.

  5. “take everything that is coming at me and not crumbling under the weight of it.”

    Kate, I’ve been in that place so many times….wanting to be sensitive & tuned in to need & to brokenness in this world, yet not wanting to be crippled and paralyzed by the immensity of it all.

    For me personally, I think when I begin to feel the paralysis it’s because I’ve been staring too long at the broken pieces and my gaze needs to be re-fixated on the Healer.

    Also, good guacamole helps. 🙂

    (seriously: I love the last sentence of this post. You are awesome.)

  6. kelli – the craziness of this was felt even more at the mall yesterday. there was a shooting that killed a guard and did they shut down the mall? no. just taped off a little section and let everyone go on their merry way. joey and i were there (half hour after the fact…wouldn’t have gone had we known someone was killed) together and thought it was a bit odd they didn’t make us all leave. nothing stops the shopping, evidently. at least in miami.

    jenni – i would like to know what makes the guacamole=rockamole. and i’ll gladly challenge him to a throwdown.

    nicole – even how the media handled it was maddening and heartbreaking, yes?

    abbie – i like what you wrote about staring at the broken pieces too long. and thanks for the kind words!

  7. i forgot this until now: i was at a youth conference recently–middle-and high schoolers from all over the state. we were near southcenter mall (s0. seattle). instead of go to the mall on our lunch break we decided to go closer to the hotel (a decision i didn’t support because of the volume of lunch-goers that were vying for places in the fast food place lines–ugh). but, it turned out to be a god-send: it was the afternoon the southcenter mall shooting happened and one person died/four others injured…they did close the mall but even after going store to store never found the shooter. one of the kids at the conf got a call from her 12 year-old sister who was inside the mall when they initially locked down the mall. she eventually got out okay.

    that night: the marriot hotel doors locked at 4:30 pm; lots and lots of pizza ordered IN…

    the next day: another incident at the same mall. doors opened for shopping, though.


  8. i’ll admit that i may be part of the problem because even though the nature of your post and our responses is SERIOUS and yet this random question comes to mind:

    when i look at the pointsettia i wonder: what angle was the photo taken at? it’s very visually interesting…

    k 🙂

  9. kelli – i think my guacamole comment should make you feel like you can ask a random question 😉

    i was standing above the plant, looking down. it was one of the only ones that didn’t have little blurry hands in it.

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