strum it


elisha pulls up the chair, hops up on it with his guitar and then pleads with papi to play his guitar with him.  asher just totters between them and his curious fingers try to tune the guitars.  

during dinner i look over and see elisha swaying from side to side with the music with his eyes closed – or more accurately, squinty-like like a crooning singer on stage.

asher is our carseat dancer.  he specifically likes to move to the thumping bass of dark-tinted cars with shiny rims at stoplights.

all of this makes me wonder when i’ll be able to get these boys some real music lessons.  

if you didn’t catch this american life this week, please do.  sarah vowell reads about her school music experiences, including marching band and a recorder ensemble.  hilarious.  really.


6 thoughts on “strum it

  1. I heard that show last night! So funny! I have visions of piano lessons for my boys…and my parents even have a piano for us….but urban living makes piano owning and music lessons a bit of a challenge….

    if only I played the guitar…

  2. i have been love, LOVING this american life as of late. so fun to sit back and listen to good storytelling.

    thanks for the email. i am glad you have good recommendations for j-ville. i would love it if you could find the name of the breakfast place. good recommendations from friends are my favorite kind of recommendation.

    happy thanksgiving to you guys!

  3. Darn–I think that is one that I purchased just recently because it looked so good. And now I have it for free via the podcast. Oh well, it’s a good one.
    If I remember correctly, David Sedaris describes his experience of trying to meet his father’s musical expectations. Very funny.

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