holiday excitement


living way down south can often make getting excited about thanksgiving and christmas a bit difficult. snowflake decorations at the stores make no sense to my tropical boys and why would i want my oven on throughout the day when it’s 90 degrees out?  but not this year.  it’s been the coolest november since we’ve lived here.  so now i’m inspired.

i’ve been priming the oven for holiday baking with bread from artisan bread in five minutes a day (i’m thinking this would be a great gift for the bakers i know).

i’m breaking any mental rule i’ve had in the past about not playing christmas music until thanksgiving.  my newly created pandora stations:

vince guaraldi holiday
sufjan stevens holiday
rosemary clooney holiday
john rutter holiday

unfortunately pandora doesn’t have the zooey deschanel/leon redbone version of baby, it’s cold outside and the leon redbone holiday channel just wasn’t cutting it.

i’m excited about sharing what advent and christmas are about with elisha and asher.  i’m on the search for practical ways to celebrate with a one and two year old.  

and a post about holiday excitement just wouldn’t be complete without mentioning npr’s turkey confidential.  it’s become a tradition in our home to spend thanksgiving morning cooking and baking while listening to stories and tips from lynne and company.  i heard the first ad for it the other morning and made elisha cheer and whoop with me for a minute.  he’s a lynne fan, too.



8 thoughts on “holiday excitement

  1. as i write this i am listening to classical guitar christmas music! next it’s on to vince g trio. all the gloom-and-doom-gov’t-bailouts-the-election-didn’t-go-my-way heaviness can only be lifted by the charlie brown kids et al, i’m afraid. 🙂

    glad to see you are baking–how wonderful. i can almost smell the goodness wafting all the way up here. and about the oven on, it makes me go “hmm…” about global warming when i see that this october was the coldest on record in switzerland and, as you say, your november is “cool” too.

    i do have one little idea for christmas for you, just a little tradition i’ve established with my nieces and nephew for a couple of years, now. i do the 12 days of christmas, starting around the 12th. i have little stockings for them that i put under the tree or in a basket. when they come over they know to go look. sometimes there is a coin in there with a small piece of candy or tangerine. after our little “circle time” discussion about the gift of jesus, and the blessing of giving to others, we decide where we will give the coins.

    sometimes the focus is on opening the advent door (they take turns) and talking about the story that goes with the day’s corresponding symbol.

    okay, i’ll admit it, sometimes it’s about a disney dvd i’ve purchased which they wanted and which will stay at auntie’s house! (i’ve taken up the practice of buying the items off-season and on-sale and stashing them in a closet so i do go bankrupt in dec). whatever the emphasis, they love this tradition, according to my sister, more than they do receiving gifts on the 25th. and no one gets really tired, bratty and cries that someone else got a bigger barbie, which is oh so nice…

    the larger point of the exercise is sinking in for kyle (7),who got so inspired about giving to others last season that all dec he “collected” money from my guests and scrounged in the family’s cars and couches for coins, which in all, amounted to over $50. we sent the money to world vision and he now has a 7-year old friend from albania (auntie subsidizes, of course).

    have a great wednesday, kate.

  2. When I’m healthy here, I’m gonna learn how to bake bread. I can’t do Christmas music until at least Advent starts, but I’m with you on Sufjan Stevens’ holiday tunes – so good.

  3. I love the photo of the bread. I am loving the colder weather as well. It is 37 degrees as I write…darn near blizzard weather to a Floridian! Oh, and I meant to comment about the “gourmet” Chinese restaurant. That sounds quintessential Miami to me! We grew up going to our favorite Cuban restaurant in Miami, Versailles. I loved it as a kid and teenager! When I married Matt and took him there, he thought it so odd that we were eating Cuban food in a place that was named Versailles and somewhat decorated to look like a French palace. I had never noticed.

  4. Oh…to bake bread. I’d love to, but I haven’t found baking at this altitude very easy. Even with my high altitude baking cookbook, I have not enjoyed the results very much. It will make the holidays most interesting, but I have a feeling that I won’t get baking up here down pat until we’re getting ready to move. But when we do move, I might have to purchase your bread cookbook!

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