retro red steel beauty

it’s been like christmas around here.  elisha’s new love is his radio flyer trike (big thank you goes out to grandma and grandpa).  it’s been loved on, raced, pushed, and crashed.  he could care less about those streamers but digs the bell.





10 thoughts on “retro red steel beauty

  1. (um, nice socks Omar.)
    Asher looks like he wants one of his own… maybe when the big brother has moved on to a different bike, huh?

  2. i was going to say something about his socks, but thought it a little mean! but since you mentioned it, abbie…i have those socks in a different color!

  3. hi kate! the kids look like they’re doing great! missing you guys and hope to hear back from you soon, if you have a chance between lunch at michael’s…pot de creme? you need not say more.

  4. i won’t tell you ladies what omar’s response was to your comments…;)

    alina – i’m still on a rocking horse hunt. glad karis liked it.

    tilky – so good to hear from you! and you would have loved the pot de creme. i’ll write you soon!

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