searching for joe


funny thing about blogs.  they have a stats page where you can see what search terms brought people to your site.  in the past couple of weeks i’ve seen a jump in people searching for my dear brother-in-law pictured above.  he’s an up-and-coming actor in manhattan and i have this sneaking suspicion that when people click onto my blog they are not looking for an adoring uncle’s comments about his delightful nephews or reading about what his sister-in-law cooked for dinner.  

but i am incredibly proud of him so here is the post for all you victor joel ortiz (affectionately known around these parts as “uncle joey”) fans.

last week joey got to participate in an all-star benefit presentation of “all about eve.”  who were some of these “stars” you might ask?  in no particular order: peter gallagher, keri russell, cynthia nixon, jennifer tilly, zoe caldwell, john slattery, annette bening, etc.  but who is the lady who caught my attention and makes me want to pick up the phone and ask joey what they talked about?  the one and only angela lansbury.  jessica fletcher in the flesh.  and four-time tony award winner. 

well-done, joe!  wish we could have been there.  


7 thoughts on “searching for joe

  1. OH-MY-STARS!!! Did he get her autograph?!? I love Angela/Jessica…and I’d be totally jealous if your brother-in-law did get to see “Matlock,” too! 🙂

    That is cool, though. I didn’t know there was an actor on Omar’s side of the fam…

    Oh- and I liked your post about your neighborhood nightlife. Ours consists of totally different wildlife…deer, bear, coyotes, etc.

  2. joey – you’re coming for thanksgiving?!

    kel – a girl knows when she’s being mocked. and you are quite hilarious.

    sheila – see! i knew i had other jessica/matlock kindred spirits out there. or were you mocking me, too? 😉

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