friday night random

we live on the edge of a fairly busy street with shops and such.  two doors down from us is a soon-to-be-opened chinese take-out.  excuse me, gourmet chinese take-out.  it would give you quite a chuckle to walk by and look at their menu with such gourmet items as “chop suey” translated into spanish.

it would give you even more of a chuckle to sit in my house right now and hear the crazy opening celebration party they’ve been having for the past several hours (and i’m betting this will continue on into the night).  i swear shakira is over there with an accordion player.  and i’m oh so tempted to walk on over there and take a peek.  

but i’m in my pjs and just a bit too tired.  

and seriously, what are the chances that shakira is next door singing her heart out and shaking her hips for the opening of a chinese (ahem, gourmet chinese) take-out joint located next to a farm store?

i’m still tempted.

(and yes, we’ve returned (obviously) but my head is a bit too tired and fuzzy to share anything other than it was a wonderful week and i’ll write some more about it later…)


4 thoughts on “friday night random

  1. Glad you got back safely. Hope you had some good BBQ, enjoyed the non-cemetery view and learned a lot about your potential next step.

    P.S. Heard from Mom and Dad Maynard while you were away and sounds like they had a great time with the boys. 🙂

  2. Ok, so it’s really funny cause I think all the time with all the music that surrounds Logan already with the teenagers I wonder what song he is going to wake up singing one morning – maybe – “you can have whatever you like” by t.i. or even better “i kissed a girl ” by katy perry. SCARY!!! Anyway, heard about the great week. Drew and I will be praying for you guys as you begin this exciting new journey!!

  3. abbie – ha! that would indeed be funny. during the second night of all this (yes, the second) “hips don’t lie” came on and i about lost it. and then omar and i almost went nuts. so we called the cops…several times.

    jen – oohh, i hadn’t thought about that with logan. it’s like everyday is a gourmet chinese take-out celebration for him.

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