his name is omar but he’s puerto rican

omar and i are in atlanta.  the kiddies are showing grandma and grandpa the sites of miami.  part of my “changes in the air” comment has to do with this trip.  we’re here for our denomination’s church planting assessment.  basically, we want to church plant so this is one of the first steps.  

at first i thought it would be a romantic getaway for three nights.  i’ve learned, though, that this will be more work than vacation.  that’s ok.  

and flying with omar is always fun.  his name is evidently a touchy one for the security powers that be.  this means we have to check in at the airport in person and they do a lot of typing while looking up at him.  i finally asked the guy at the desk why we can’t check in online or at the kiosk.  “his name is flagged,” the delta man said.  ah yes, his name is indeed omar but of the puerto rican variety, not the middle eastern.  so be it.  

i’m not thinking there will be picture-worthy moments at this event.  but maybe i’ll surprise you.  and our view is for sure not picture-worthy.  what kind of hotel room view would you pick for a couple on a getaway (of sorts) for the first time since baby two?  a cemetery, right?  check.


9 thoughts on “his name is omar but he’s puerto rican

  1. Ha! A cemetery?!?

    I know Lee will want to talk with Omar about the church planting stuff. 🙂

    Have a great time, and please give your mom a hug from me…I miss our Sundays together. As you already know, your folks are the greatest!

  2. this has nothing to do with Atlanta, besides the fact that Fox News just had some adorable 5th graders from there singing patriotic songs in honor of Veterans’ Day. But, I would like to take the liberty of saying to DAD MAYNARD:

    THANK YOU for your military service. You served when you could have done something–in fact, many things–else.

    Bless you this Vets’ Day and always,

    Kelli B

  3. Kelli:
    Why are you watching Fox News?!

    If you’re reading this, heck yes, thank you for your service to our country. Not every serviceperson is a warrior or a wingnut or a chest-thumping loon. Your dedication is to be commended.

    This post is very funny. Comment-worthy, even. Thank YOU.

  4. ah, bob, i stopped watching the msm when chris m. started getting chills up his leg. too weird for me!

    you should watch it a little, it prolly could not deliver on narrowness based on the hype. for real.

  5. oh, one more thing, bobby:

    Who said that every serviceperson is a wingnut??? certainly no one on THIS site!!

    But, hey, I’ll line up to be a warrior, if need be…i’m just sayin’… 🙂

  6. bobby and kelli – you guys crack me up.

    jenni and sheila – you’ll be glad to know that we had to switch rooms and our new view was a lovely tree with changing leaves.

  7. isn’t there a hotels.com ad where they advertise quality control for the rooms they “endorse” by showing the couple open the curtains and their view is a cemetery? It made me think of that!


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