three cheers for family

because the boys get fun toys.  little cars from the grandparents are evidently much more fun than little cars from the parents.

because omar and i get to sneak off for lunch dates.  at michael’s genuine, to be exact. there are some big changes in the air for us (more on that at a later date) and nothing helps you figure out life decisions like lemon pot de creme with hot doughnuts and blueberry conserve.  there were even anise seeds on those doughnuts.  beautiful.

because you get to remember back to the last time the grandparents were here and realize how much your kids have grown and changed since the last visit. yikes, it goes by so quickly.

because grandpa takes a mean picture and helps us up the family picture tally to somewhere around 5 since asher’s birth.  we’re really bad at this. 



5 thoughts on “three cheers for family

  1. Kate,

    My first visit to your lovely blog. I feel more peaceful and wholesome already. Do you have a slice of plum tart left? (After all, you made it just a few pages ago.)

    I’ll praying for you both over the next few days.

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