my boys are becoming adventurous with their consumption of all things green. this is a good thing.

i know i’m a bit behind with this one, but have you listened to this american life‘s show explaining the housing crisis?  you really should.  it’s good. and, of course, entertaining.  and after that just go ahead and listen to the switched at birth story.

asher’s fear of the drive-thru car wash is genuine.  petrified, i tell you.

when your hardwood floors are old and falling apart, dirt just seems a non-issue.  
the miami book fair is here and i scored some free tickets to see billy collins.

i’m on the hunt for a rocking horse for the boys for christmas.  this one is near the top of my list.  and it folds up.  perfect.


5 thoughts on “thursday

  1. aahhhhh… billy collins. he is great, particularly reading aloud. I’m a little jealous.
    and I know how Asher feels… the carwash used to freak me out too.

  2. I was SCARED of the drive-through car wash too as a kid. Being that my mom was a dental hygientist (sp?), she would talk us through it like the car was having its teeth cleaned: “here comes the giant toothbrush! here comes the mouthwash”. It helped. A lot. I actually still think it when I drive through. Maybe grandpa could work on that with Asher and use technical terms 🙂

  3. The Switched at Birth episode floored me. I still think about it.

    I was super-scared of the car wash when I was younger, too!

    Awesome rocking horse.

  4. My children love green things…a long time ago we would eat fresh spinach leaves by pretending we were herbivorous dinosaurs.

    Housing crisis episode: haven’t heard it. Glad you liked it…now I’ll go look for it on my ipod.

    Switched at birth: yes. Listened to it. Wow.

    (those 2 segments were from different episodes, right? I think I listened to the whole Switched at birth one…but I’m not sure actually…)

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